8 Reasons Why Ertrugul Ghazi is Trending in Pakistan

Dirilis: Ertugrul, also known as Resurrection: Ertugrul in English, is a Turkish historical fiction. Mehmet Bozdag created this adventurous tv-series. Moreover, Engin Altan Duzyatan is starring in the leading role.  In Riva, they filmed this series in a village in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2014, it premiered on TRT 1 in Turkey. 

The series is based on the history of Oghuz Turks of the Muslims.  it took place in the 13th century. The story is around the life of Ertugrul, father of Osman I. Particularly, the people of the Muslim world received this show in a really good way.

Definitely, Ertugrul Ghazi has become one of the most famous shows among the Pakistani audience. It is popular because of many reasons, one of them is the epic performance of Ertugrul Ghazi cast. Whereas, some of the other reasons are highlighted in this article. 

Why Ertugrul Ghazi is Trending Here?

ertugrul ghazi

Here are some obvious reasons for the popularity of Ertugrul Ghazi.

  • A Different Genre 

The Pakistani showbiz industry rarely creates historical movies or dramas. Also, it is even less when it comes to portraying the life of a warrior. This show has a great punch of action and adventure. The content of the series is unconventional. 

Moreover, it will take you to places you have never even seen before. Also, the truly commendable thing about this show is consistency. Likewise, the quality of each episode and season is beautiful.

  • Cinematography 

Cinematography is one of the huge challenges that a creator of historical drama has to get right. However, it just does not end there. They also have to convince the viewers. Similarly, they have to show you that this is something you have never seen. It is all about the camera and of course, the budget. Honestly, this show is on a different level.

  • Influential Characters 
men on horses

People usually fall in love with the fictional characters which is absolutely unavoidable. Well, in this series, there are a lot of several characters that leave a definite impact on you. 

Apart from the supporters and other main characters, some of the supporting characters have affecting stories and inspirational personalities. The on-screen chemistry and comradeship that the characters share are truly amazing. 

The characters are amazingly inspiring and fleshed out so wonderfully. Each character goes through various phases. Ertrugul’s bromance with his alps is entirely a different topic. Their friendship is exceptional. Moreover, the strong supporting character of Ibn Arabi and Wild Demir keeps you looking forward to more.

  • A Powerful Message

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, brought this show to the audience of Pakistan. He did so to convey the message that the show gives. As a whole, the revival of forgotten values is the core purpose of this series. Ertugrul shows a really peaceful yet strong side of the religion and culture that we should practice in our lives. 

The moral that it conveys is that the people should also stand with faith and religion. Likewise, they should not betray their religion and maintain loyalty in any case. On the other hand, the Muslims that get on the evil path should repent themselves immediately and be on the right path.

Also, it shows that the need for fame and money is a total waste. However, loyalty to your religion will be beneficial.

  • Action, Action And More Action 

Ertugrul Ghazi and action scenes go side by side. Although, the good thing is they have not exaggerated action much. There is a fine balance between the plot, the action, and the message. However, the action scenes do get a little scary at times, so it is a good plan to have parental checks and balances if youngsters watch the show with you.

  • An Epic Choreography 
three bearded men

As we know, there are many action scenes in Ertugrul Ghazi. Therefore, we can call it a complete action thriller. Besides this, They have finely choreographed these action scenes. For this reason, there is a large number of male fans too.

  • Historical Fiction Of The Muslim World 

Many people love fiction and believe it is a powerful source for motivating people. Moreover, people are influenced by fictional dramas, whether they believe it or not. 

Similarly, Ertugrul Ghazi is historical fiction. Although it is based on history, with Ibn Arabi, Ertugrul, Sulaiman Shah, this storyline is quite fictional to create an interesting action-adventure series. 

However, The Muslim world has mixed opinions about fiction. Some Muslims consider it haram and a waste of time. Whereas there are also Muslims who are Ok with it.

  • Cultural Values

Nowadays, dignity, honor, and respect, these values are the least we talk about. As a result, today the Muslim world is lacking these values in their culture. For instance, to revive these significant values in our culture is through demonstration. 

Ertugrul Ghazi cast carry themself so beautifully, we see the perfect example of many men and women who are beautifully dignified, honored, and respected. These are the gem values we need in our life again to prosper.


ertugrul ghazi

In this era, when people are confused about gender duties, Ertugrul Ghazi cast teaches us that when women are real women, and when men are real men, people will ultimately respect them. There is no need for comparison with the opposite gender. If you want to be respected as real men or women follow the teachings of Islam. 

Ertugrul Ghazi shows us the need of reviving Islam in our lives through demonstration. Believe it or not, we are all inspired by how the Ertugrul ghazi cast plays their part in motivating Muslims to get on the right path.

However, we need more dramas to produce awesomeness. Moreover, we know that a common man’s beliefs are shaped by the media. So, we really need to invest in dramas like Ertugrul Ghazi.

I hope that this will lead to the Muslim generation that will grow up on Muslim media. As a result, they will be proud of their Islamic teachings, heritage, and culture. Such a culture can play a big part in reviving Islam in our countries.

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