All You Need To Know About Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan, one of our favorite stars was born in Karachi, Pakistan. The 35-year-old lady is an actress by occupation. Her father Hafeez Khan migrated to Pakistan during the partition of India.

She studied O-levels from Foundation public school and continued her studies in Santa Monica College California. Afterward, she got her bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California. She also served as a cashier at Rite Aid Store in Los Angeles when she was studying.
The Career of our favorite Mahira Khan was initiated as a VJ in 2006 on MTV Pakistan. Then in 2008, she hosted a live show on AAG TV named “Weekend with Mahira”. She debuted on the big screen in 2007 with Atif Aslam in the film “Bol”. Furthermore, she also appeared as a female lead in Bollywood movie “Raees” with Shah Rukh Khan as a leading actor.

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