How to do NTN Verification in Pakistan?

Nowadays, the Pakistani government is taking measures to curb account deficit. For that, one of the viable steps is to collect tax, by both; direct and indirect methods. Also, to promote business, the government is giving incentives to the business community. For that, businessmen need to gain National Tax Number or NTN so that they can get some incentives from the government. 

Also, when you give your income to the government, you have to register yourself with the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) and get the National Tax Number (NTN).

What is NTN?

National Tax Number (NTN) is a number that is used by the government of Pakistan as a means of tracking its citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents for the different purposes of work like taxation, government benefits, health care, and other governmentally-related functions. This NTN can also be used for the Import and Export of goods as well.

Procedure for Online NTN Verification

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A taxpayer can verify NTN with FBR by just visiting Online NTN Verification and by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. From online services list given on the left side of the page, click the Online Verification portal option 
  3. The system will open the online verification portal of FBR pertinent documents
  4. Select the relevant option from the Parameter Type drop-down. For instance, if you would like to verify your NTN, select NTN from the drop-down
  5. Provide your respective license number within the registration number in the Registration Number field. For example, you will provide your NTN (in case of Company / AOP) and CNIC in the case of an individual entity, without a hyphen
  6. Provide captcha against the ‘Captcha’ field
  7. After providing information, Click the ‘Verify’ button
  8. On successful verification of provided credentials, the system will display the results
  9. In case the provided information is invalid, the system will generate an error

Procedure to Create NTN Online

  1. Firstly just gather all the required documents and visit the nearest RTO to your location
  2. You should bring: Original CINC, Your Cell phone, paid utility bill of business premises not older than 3 months (for business individual only), Evidence of tenancy or ownership of business premises (business individuals only)
  3. The facilitation officer will verify your documents for satisfaction and will begin the new registration process
  4. Complete the 181 form that is a form of registration filed voluntarily and also fill the income tax form
  5. Scan and fasten the above documents and submit the appliance 
  6. If verified, you will get a Login ID and Password via an SMS or email
  7. Print out the 181 forms from your account. For that, log in with the provided ID and Password

Why is NTN Verification Necessary?

NTN Verification may also be done for various purposes depending on your requirements to confirm NTN. One of the crucial reason to verify NTN as under are:

  • To confirm the sole proprietor trade of anyone, you can do online NTN Verification
  • To verify individual NTN, simply o for online NTN Verification from CNIC 
ntn verification

Also, NTN (National Tax Number) verification is required when someone wants to verify the business of any person; salaried persons also do verification of their NTN through entering their CNIC, in an online platform. 

The main purpose of verifying online NTN depends upon your requirements. Knowing your NTN is important because in any documentation work, your NTN could also be asked and you’ve got to offer it to continue your applied work.

There also are many other facilities available online like e-enrollment and swift e-enrollment for the salaried persons and at an equivalent time you’ll also check the status of your enrollment. E-registration facility, e-payments for paying taxes, searching of taxpayers, news gallery, and much more includes in this single online platform. 

Helpdesk is usually able to help and support you at the time of your needs. You can submit your complaints, suggestions and may also check the status of your complaints 24/7.  The questions which are asked frequently are also there to help you.

FBR Offers Three Ways of NTN Verification

i) NTN Verification through their website

First, visit the FBR site, type your registration number (CNIC No.), and verification code. It will show your NTN number along with your active taxpayer status.

ii) NTN Verification through their PDF File

A complete list is available, here

iii) NTN Verification via their SMS

For NTN verification via SMS: Type “ATL space 13 digit CNIC” and send it to 9966


Paying taxes is unquestionably everyone’s least favorite government link activity. But taxing citizens is one of the important measures for a stable state. Federal, state, and local levels all have the power to tax. States, cities, provinces, etc- all collect some of their money from licenses and fees and state-operated businesses, but about half of state revenue comes from taxes.

By following the above method one can easily get themself register through FBR and get the NTN number for the income they submit to the government.

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