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How to Download Whatsapp Status?

WhatsApp nowadays is not just a program for texting. It has become part and parcel of our lives. Without WhatsApp, we can not picture our future. It’s not a device either. It is a tool that binds us with colleagues, families, and people from outside.

WhatsApp officially introduces the “Status” section. It allows users to share images, videos, and GIFs that immediately vanish within 24 hours. More than 450 million users use the WhatsApp Stories app every day. You would probably be aware of the status function of the program if you are a WhatsApp regular. This is the tab in which you show your friends as statuses, including their emails, photographs, and videos.

whatsapp status

If anyone has changed his profile in your contacts, it can be seen on the new Status page. To show their status, tap a relevant contact icon. Nonetheless, WhatsApp currently does not require you to directly import status photos and videos to your computer. Nonetheless, one or two images from a friend’s update might still want to be updated one day.

Originally, users and critics worldwide dubbed the app a “copy” of Snapchat Stories. Nevertheless, the app is slowly gaining popularity among users. Updates to WhatsApp Status are necessarily perishable. WhatsApp, therefore, does not provide an’ official’ way of saving these shares. Some users take a screenshot in order to store the image statistics. Even the screenshots do not hold the picture of WhatsApp in the same standard. So, how can the status be saved best?

You may want to catch somebody else’s WhatsApp status in several scenarios. You might want to re-share it. Or you’d like to set a scenic picture as the wallpaper of your phone. These are both legitimate reasons why a WhatsApp status can be downloaded.

whatsapp status
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Yet, when WhatsApp does not alert the other person about your status when you download, and you do not request permission previously, the status of personal photographs or videos crosses the line. Take this into account before the WhatsApp status is downloaded.

The WhatsApp Statuses should conveniently be stored in three respects. A dedicated App is the first route. Nonetheless, you can adopt the manual route if you need to save the picture status often.

  • By accessing the WhatsApp status file manually through the file manager:

Once you load a WhatsApp message, it’s briefly saved on Android in a secret tab. Since WhatsApp statuses have a 24-hour duration, the archive will be changed in real-time and the details will be deleted as soon as it expires.

Next, you need a file manager in order to access the files. The phone may be preloaded, but the File Manager will do its job if it doesn’t. Start the device and reach the key storage until enabled. Click the Show option available in the 3-point menu. Choose the element displaying hidden data. You’ll now add a Status folder to WhatsApp News section

  • Save status files with a dedicated app:

You can save your friends WhatsApp status while minimizing confusion and depending on a 3rd party program. The software captures the information you have seen and shows it in an organized way. To save, open WhatsApp and display the update. Open and download the Saver Status App on your iPhone or any android phone.

Next, Choose the images or videos to be protected by clicking on the Save button. Pictures or images you save are saved in your phone’s internal storage. This is it! You just saved WhatsApp status of your friend and it will be kept forever.  All saved statuses are visible throughout the device. You should open your File Manager software and search the External Stocking > Status Saver program if you need direct access to the archive.

  • By Using WhatsApp++ App

All you need to do is have a BuildStore Subscription to view other WhatsApp stories right on your mobile device. Delete, delete from your phone the initial WhatsApp. Then register your iOS/Android device on BuildStore. Now download WhatsApp++ and sign in with a valid phone number on your computer. Begin WhatsApp++, go to the’ Status’ page. Click on the update button and pick where the saved WhatsApp Video status you want to save will be.

WhatsApp++ also has a WhatsApp Pocket app that is super easy to use and works with WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp!

Final Verdict

The safety of all social networking websites should be the main concern and WhatsApp seems to be genuinely anxious about user privacy and security, so there was no direct function on it in which to store WhatsApp stories. These are the best ways to update or save WhatsApp’s Android status.

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