How to Make Money on Youtube in Pakistan?

Have you ever wondered why renowned YouTube figures view their channels as full-time employment? Okay, the answer is straightforward! Since they receive lovely money from their YouTube channels. Or in simple words, they make money on youtube. New York Times recently published on Olga Kay, a prominent YouTuber, revealing that for the past five years it has earned $100,000 — $130,000 annually from its YouTube channel (that’s $8.3k — 10.8k a month). Similarly, various celebrities of Pakistani social media (and even newspapers) put their videos on YouTube online. Such YouTube and TV channels raise money when people view their videos due to YouTube monetization. It’s a good source of income for you.

Isn’t it Fascinating?

make money on youtube
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In reality, even if you upload YouTube videos and carry traffic to your YouTube channel, you can earn money too online. And here’s a guide for you.

  • You will get a video and upload it to youtube, which you’ll see (read: viewers) 
  • You’ll be able to make money for each video view (on average one dollar or two for a thousand videos) 
  • You’ll have to make a fee (some pennies) for every video view.
  • YouTube gives web creators the possibility of making money and attracting audiences with everything that you have to do.
  • You will get a video and upload it to youtube, which you’ll see. 
  • You’ll be able to make money for each video view (on average one dollar or two for a thousand videos). 
  • You’ll have to make a fee (some pennies) for every video view.

Below are a few steps to start earning YouTube money.

Step 1: Build a YouTube channel

Sign in to your YouTube account (you can use your Google account)

Step 2: Build a Channel 

  1. Allow Your Monetization Channel 
  2. Sign in to your YouTube account.
  3. Choose from the top-right of your account data and choose Creator Studio.
  4. Network > Status and functionality can be picked from the left screen.
  5. Allow Monetisation (Note: If the account is deactivated for monetization, the option will not be available).
  6. Agreement appropriate.

Step 3: Connect your Adsense channel 

  1. You need to connect your approved AdSense account with your YouTube account after allowing the monetization of your YouTube channel.
  2. YouTube Analytics keeps track of the revenue that is charged only when the payment threshold is met by YouTube.

Step 4:  Video monetization criteria 

  1. Check video requirements and formats
  2. Content should be user-friendly to satisfy you in order to be able to be paid for is an absolute necessity.
  3. Your own work is to be commercially promoted.
  4. Copyright videos or those which are not going to work here that you copy from the internet.
  5. The video and audio material used in videos can be recorded.
  6. The video should follow the Service Terms and Community Guidelines found here.
  7. You can view multiple ads (see below for further information on the type of ads) next to your video once monetized videos have been enabled.

Step 5: Monetize ad videos

You’re completely programmed with your AdSense account for monetized videos. You can now allow eligible videos to earn money from the ads in question.

The steps to currency one or more videos can be followed:

  1. Only follow one video. 
  2. For more than one video: follow the monetization instructions.

What are CPM, RPM, CPM, etc.?

You need to know not only these words but also what they mean if you are serious about making money from YouTube.

  • CPM
  1.  CPM costs the advertiser thousands of ad impressions when the ad is shown.
  2. CPM is influenced by time, gender, content and such factors.
  3. CPM ranges from 50 cents to more than 10 dollars per thousand impressions.
  4. It is seasonal, which means that in holidays CPM is upward,i.e. Weihnachts, pledge.
  5. Better CPM than most is in the English native countries.
  • RPM and eCPM
  1.  RPM is a Revenue Per Thousand View
  2. The channel’s Youtube ad revenues from total RPM were 45 percent decreased.
  3.  Similar is RPM and eCPM. 
  4.  eCPM = earnings − Playbacks monetized by 1000. 
  5. YouTube analytics is the best way to understand income properly.


make money on youtube
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  1. make better features, i.e. more searchable videos
  2. create interesting videos that make users completely display them
  3. create engaging videos, i.e., retrieve feedback, i.e. 
  4.  prompt users to question your channel 
  5.  Name your videos, likewise, attach details and tags, index your videos and be right. 
  6. Market all your videos (Facebook, Twitter) on every possible platform.


  1. Don’t copy Photos paste on YouTube, most notably. In the case of a copyright violation, you will be caught (automatically) and soon face suspension. 
  2. Do not make explicit or YouTube TOS not allowed photos.

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