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In the current era, modern technology is taking control of every individual’s life. And due to the increasing demand for it, the market has been giving more of it by launching new cellphone brands. The journey started with Nokia’s cell phones and it has come pretty far now, by taking a step into the android era. Besides, there were not many brands promoting android systems other than Samsung. Thus, the new generation and vast technology have led many more brands to take initiatives in the mobile market. Oppo is one of them. It gained fame and fans within a short span.

Oppo launched many models, each with a specific speciality. The most recent and popular model on which this article embarks upon is Oppo Reno 2. It has already earned fame due to its smart and stylish look. To know more about the phone and Oppo Reno 2 price in Pakistan, you should read further. 

Mobile Markets In Pakistan

Mobile Markets
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There are many mobile markets, some of which offer cellphones in the store, while others prefer online marketing. As Oppo is a Pakistani mobile brand, individuals would find its outlets easily in Pakistan. However, Oppo Price in Pakistan can vary regarding its quality and period since its launch. 

Individuals seeking Oppo Reno 2 phones at local mobile markets should make sure to know accurate information about the Oppo Reno price in Pakistan. Oppo Reno has many models differing in styles, sizes, features, and rates. So, many consumers often mistake Oppo reno 2F for Oppo reno 2. Whereas, there is a huge difference in their price, weight, and some of the features. However, the display remains the same. 

Decrement In The Price

Moving forward to the price of the phone. It is worth mentioning that back in 2019, September, when Oppo launched Oppo Reno 2, it was 79,999 in Pakistani Rupees. Whereas, currently the Oppo Reno 2 price in Pakistan has decreased. As it has been more than two years since it launched. Additionally, after Reno 2, there were many models that Oppo launched. 

So, many websites like Whatmobile and Hamariweb state Oppo Reno 2 price in Pakistan approximately seventy thousand. Whereas, some websites like Priceoye and Propakistani confirm the price as it was when it launched. However, when searched about the latest prices, some results denoted Oppo Reno 2 costing 66,700 Pakistani rupees.

Reason Behind Soaring Demand

It’s been a while since this phone has launched and many new models have been launched recently by oppo but consumers still run after the 2019 model. People often wonder about the reason behind it. Well, the answer is quite simple yet so complicated and explorable. Usually, in Pakistan, the prices of Mobile phones drop rapidly after a brand launches a new model. 

However, if the previous model has still got a fan following the prices take time to decrease. The same goes for the Oppo Reno 2 price in Pakistan. The reason behind its soaring demand is none other than its features and long battery time. To know more about the features that uplift Reno 2, you should read this article till the end. 

Imaginative World

Imagination brings one word in the minds of individuals, and that is vision. A vision that is full of vibrant colors and beauty. Oppo Reno 2 offers something similar to this with its 48mp Quad Camera. It is the main camera that functions by 8MP wide-angle lens and 13MP Telephoto lens. 

Additionally, it is a perfect choice to capture moments according to your imaginations. Either it is day or night, the dark mode would perform efficiently by capturing gloomy pictures in a bright mode. 

Smart And Sleek Body

The perfect edges and display size of the phone along with its features make it worth the price. If you come to the measurement of this phone. You would find its display 16.6cm with 16 million colors, with a height of 16cm and width 7.43cm. It isn’t too heavy or thick for a person to carry as well. 


The matter of discussion should not be only the Oppo Reno 2 price in Pakistan. Instead, the features that are worth mentioning to justify the price are also important. Every mobile phone comes with a unique feature that makes it outstand the other models. 

Similarly, Oppo Reno 2 is one of those mobile phones. It has a battery of 4000mAph with 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM. So, don’t these features make it the best of all? Although, individuals are not alien to the fact that the new generation cries over the battery time duration. Many people can not afford to take power banks as well, along with expensive mobile phones. 

So, Oppo Reno 2 makes it affordable to enjoy long battery duration with the other features. Thus, either the price of Oppo Reno 2 in Pakistan is 79,999 or 69,999 rupees, it is certainly worth the price.

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