A Proposed Model For Organizing The Chaos Of Marketing Technology.

Marketing is itself a very broad, deep ad big. There are several issues faced by people in marketing technology and several solutions to each one of these problems. Marketers have their own ways of handling the issues they face, there are numerous ways to solve a marketing problem, condition is, you have to be innovative, and you have to think outside the box in order to be a good marketer.

Different industries have different marketing tactics and strategies, they deal with problems in their own ways. But in order to come at a common platform, a model is designed – The 6 C’s Model for Organizing Marketing Technology. These 6 domains are focused by the marketers which, they say will help overcome the chaos of marketing technology in the era. These 6 C’s include;

  1. Customers
  2. Consistency
  3. Creativity
  4. Culture
  5. Communication
  6. Change

These 6 categories are focused to make sure to minimize the issues and chaos caused in the market nowadays. These 6 C’s are the most important aspects of marketing as they rule and run the markets in almost all cases. Let’s elaborate these 6 C’s to understand them better.


The most important category is ‘Customers’. If your brand is not up to the expectations of your potential customers and customers, you need to redesign your strategies. All the marketing strategies and plans are made according to the customers, they are all customer oriented. If your customers are not satisfied by what you are offering them, your brand won’t last in the market. You need to make sure you satisfy and retain your customers or else your customers will migrate to another brand, and no organization wants that. Every organization needs to understand the needs, wants and demands of the customer before making their marketing strategies and their product/services.



A brand needs to be consistent in their terms and conditions. Sometimes customers remember the brand by its packaging and size rather than the actual name of the brand. If an organization is changing their package, colors, promotion again and again, they’re doing it wrong. Be consistent, give your customers something to stick at. 


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Make sure you are creative when it comes to marketing and managing. Give your target audience one word that would click their minds and remind them of your brand within seconds. Give them a cool tagline which they can relate to and keep your brand in mind when they are in the market looking for products. Be creative, win their hearts. 



Many people of distinct cultures live in one country now. Brands need to check around regarding different cultures living in a country so they can promote, market and produce as per the needs and demands and the limitations of different cultures. A brand needs to be careful of what they produce and how they market it as to not disrespect star war jacket any part of their target audience. Different people from different cultures and different perspectives regarding every brand.



A brand needs to communicate to the target audience, how else are they supposed to know the demands, needs and wants of the target audience? They can communicate through distinct means, surveys, brand ambassadors, focus groups or other different KPIs. Keep a check on the target audience so you don’t lose your focus on offering the customers what they want. 



Market is an evolving place and marketing is an evolving process. You can’t just stick on one marketing strategy throughout the life of your brand. An organization needs to keep changing their strategies to make sure their target audience and customers stay retained and don’t migrate to the competitors. Brands need to make sure that they keep introducing different and interesting strategies to the market to keep the target audience entertained.


Marketing is the backbone of the life of a brand. If your brand is too good but your marketing is weak, no one will even know that you exist. Marketing of a brand needs to be strong enough to drag the customers into the shop and to make the purchase happen.

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