How the Ideology of Feminism is Misinterpreted?

With developments of the past, historians suggest, the world saw a huge shift in the rights and responsibilities of both genders. As agriculture needs tough mechanical work, men started to play their role in that area. Whereas women took charge of house chores. As time passed, the same phenomenon occurred during the industrial revolution and the post-industrial revolution. 


Thus, it was due to technological advancement that more females were limited to houses only. Now, again with the passage of time, women are getting aware of their rights. Also, they are getting aware of their importance in the world. With this awareness, they are raising their voices for their legal rights and social equality. Such an ideology of gaining equal rights as men have is called feminism. 

The Waves of Feminism


Currently, the world is observing the fourth wave of feminism 

Or maybe it is the third

Ah, leave this battle and just dive into the content 

1. First Wave of Feminism

It was the era between 1828 and 1920 when women from the West started to get vocal about getting women suffrage. They were asking for their legal political rights. Such rights included the right to vote and political equality. So, it all started with a very basic demand.

2. Second Wave of Feminism

From 1963 to the 1980s, historians call it years of Second Wave of Feminism. It was all about getting educational, occupational, and social rights. Again they were asking for something very basic like “let us get some education”.

3. Third Wave of Feminism 

Though it started somewhere around the 1990s, there is still some confusion about the end of the third wave of feminism. Unlike the previous two waves, this one was about getting sexual security at the workplace. 

Misinterpretations of Feminist Ideology

So now when we have got some idea about feminism and its demands, we can easily analyze that nowadays people are misinterpreting the concept. Feminism is all about getting equal and legal rights the way men get their rights. Such basic rights include the right to live, the right to gain education or the right to give consent on marriage.

Unfortunately, people are misinterpreting the idea nowadays. This way they are not only paving ways for rights infringement of women of deprived societies. 

Here are the proves that shows the misinterpretations of feminism.


While speaking about feminism, social media plays a crucial role in ruining the true essence of feminism’s idea. A few years ago, some people in South Africa started a social media movement with #MENARETRASH. Not only it violated the basic rights of men, but also it let misogynists think that this was the true picture of feminism. 

#Metoo Movement

A worldwide movement of #METOO was at its peak last year. Albeit is still active on social media. On one hand, this movement encouraged harassed women to come to the front and fight for their rights. 

On the other hand, it allowed a specific class of women to wrongly allege their rivals. Also, they took advantage of the movement by publicly defaming the man they were having trouble with. So, to conclude, such women, misused the movement to gain their interests.

Placards of Women Rallies

Previously when women used to march for their rights, they used to raise their voices to gain basic rights. However, there is a completely different scenario nowadays. Women now protest and go on rallies with some unique placards which display offensive images or words. Due to this, the younger generation is getting a completely wrong idea about feminism. 

Demanding Equality for Wrong Grounds

Getting equal rights as men has entered into a new phase of debates. A specific class of women in every society is now asking for equality for things that are either illegal or unethical. For instance, asking permission to smoke or to take drugs, etc.


Feminism was and still is all about getting equal, basic and legal rights. Unfortunately, there are many deprived areas of the world where women cannot enjoy basic rights. Or sometimes they are not considered human. Feminism is for such voiceless women. 

However, some people are misusing the whole idea. Due to which patriarchal societies are barring women again. It is time to stop such misinterpretations of feminism. So that deprived women can also be an active part of society. 

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